What is a transfer cut decal?

A transferable sticker is created by cutting the sticker material into shape, graphic, or text and then removing the background. The transfer stickers are not printed, but are cut from a colored vinyl sheet. Transfer stickers are stickers with multiple individual pieces that must stay together when transferred to a window or other surface. The previous stickers I used sometimes also had some of the letters glued to the transfer paper, which is annoying.

There are several options for the lifespan of Exact Cut adhesives, but their lifespan ultimately depends on the surface to which they are applied and the material selected. These self-adhesive adhesives are generally not opaque and generally have trouble achieving a reliable and consistent result in their appearance, quality and transferability. For example, if you want to apply your name to your laptop by precisely adhering individually cut letters, the transferable tape will keep the letters in place while you apply them to the device. Although my precisely cut transfer stickers didn't turn out quite right the first time, Tanya and the rest of the Sticker Genius team have worked tirelessly to ensure that my order is exactly what I want and the exact look of my AI file.

After installation and removal of the transfer tape, only the well-cut graphic with no visible background remains on the surface. Cut directly from quality vinyl with adhesive backing, these precisely cut vinyl decals are fully customizable to your needs. Unlike the Waterslide decal, there is no clear film or no water or other liquid is needed to apply the scrub during the transfer. The transfer stickers are cut out of single-color vinyl and are transferred to the desired surface using transfer tape.

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