Semi dry transfer time?

Transfer time is generally reduced by the shortened distance between the electrodes, the high field strength and the high current. However, methanol can inactivate the enzymes needed for subsequent analysis and can reduce the gel and membrane, which can increase the transfer time of high molecular weight (150 kDa) proteins with poor solubility in methanol. Depending on the molecular weight of the target protein, transfer times can be reduced (small molecular weight proteins) or increased (high molecular weight proteins) for more efficient transfers. In some cases, the use of extra thick filter paper helps improve the transfer speed, since it can retain more transfer memory.

Dry electrotransfer offers high-quality transfer combined with speed and convenience, since no additional shock absorbers are required for dry electrotransfer. The transfer buffer for wet transfer protocols is traditionally a tris-glycine buffer containing methanol. Protein recoveries typically account for 25 to 50% of the total transferable protein, which is lower than other transfer methods. For semi-dry transfers, the transfer sandwich is placed horizontally between the two electrodes of the plate in the transfer apparatus.

The use of extra thick filter paper is commonly used (approximately 3 mm thick) to contain more transfer buffer during transfer. In a semi-dry protein transfer, the transfer sandwich is placed horizontally between two plate electrodes. It can be performed by diffusion transfer, vacuum transfer and electrotransfer or electrophoretic transfer. Instead, the gel is placed between the purchased pre-assembled batteries containing the transfer membrane and the patented damping matrices.

Originally developed to transfer proteins from IEF gels (isoelectrically focused), diffusion transfer is also useful for other macromolecules, especially nucleic acids. Western dry transfer transfers are the fastest of all and do not require damper preparation, but they don't leave much room for optimization.

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