Is cricut transfer tape heat resistant?

Ensure that your designs maintain the perfect position throughout the heat transfer application process with this high temperature resistant tape (up to 205°C). Cricut Strong Grip transfer tape is a super strong transfer tape that is mainly used for glitter vinyl. Because glitter is a thicker material, it needs a strong transfer tape, so Cricut created a specific ribbon just for glitter. You have to look carefully at the labels to determine which is StrongGrip and which is normal transfer tape.

If you start to notice that the vinyl hasn't fully adhered to the wood and is glued to the transfer tape, simply re-polish the vinyl. Yes, you'll have some lint left, but it'll take away part of the stick and could help you with your first transfer. I like to do this slowly at a 45 degree angle, making sure that all of the vinyl is glued to the transfer tape. If you quickly throw the transfer tape onto the vinyl, you could end up forming air bubbles or creases on the transfer tape and this could affect your project.

I like to start at one end of the vinyl and apply it slowly, spreading it down on the transfer tape. Once you have the transfer tape on, use a scraping tool (here's one, but my favorite is the XL spatula) to polish the vinyl completely on the transfer tape.

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