How do you fix iron-on letters that are peeling?

Apply a layer of fabric glue to the underside of the peeling letter. Spread the glue so that it covers the entire width of the loose area of the letter. Place the ironing board in a secluded area near an electrical outlet. Heat the iron over low heat, place a towel over the letter.

Start ironing the number on the white paper. Use only the tip of the iron and press only the edge of the number or letter of the curl. Start slowly, with a very short pressing time, then gradually increase the contact time, until you see the number or letter stick to the fabric again. Keep the iron moving and don't let it slide into the plastic fabric.

A shirt or fabric material that has a thermo-adhesive image may start to peel off over time due to an inadequate adhesive. To fix a peeling iron, you must re-stick it so that it adheres properly to the shirt or material. To do this, you must apply heat to the iron without damaging the image during the process. Heat the iron to the recommended settings for the garment.

Place the iron inside the shirt with the back of the letters against the sole. Tighten the shirt so that the iron heats up the letters. Use a sharp blade to peel off the letters. Then, use isopropyl alcohol to remove residual glue.

If you see numbers or letters coming off the shirt, follow the steps above to treat it right away and make sure the shirt stays flawless. Another method for sewing lettering and applique-style designs is to use simple straight stitching lines on all edges of the applique. You can repair the numbers and letters that are peeling off on your sports shirt by following the procedure below. If you follow the washing tips below, any letters or decorations you've reapplied should stay securely in place.

Sports t-shirts are made of durable fabric that can survive many washes; however, it's the stickers with numbers and letters that start to peel off after a few washes. DO NOT place the shirt in the dryer, as high temperatures can cause letters and numbers to break or melt. This tutorial explains how to fix the numbers on a shirt that peel off and how to repair the letters or numbers that come off on a sports shirt. The number and letter stickers on sports t-shirts are made of plastic material and have an adhesive layer on the back that can loosen if exposed to water for too long, such as during washing.

This is why it is recommended to be very careful with the numbers and letters on the sports shirt when washing it. Place the iron on the waxed paper and move the iron constantly over the peeled area of the iron.

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