Can dry impurity transfer?

If the impurity in the bed or clothing has dried up and then you slept in those clothes or in that bed, then the impurity is not judged to be so. Scholars unanimously agree that impurity is not transferred from a dry body to a dry body. This is clear because the impurity is a palpable matter and with the dryness of the two places there is no way to transfer it. Once the impurity dries, it is not transferred to other locations.

However, if the fabric has some nyasa (Nayasah itself, doesn't mix with anything else), once it gets wet, if it becomes evident on the dry part, then the fabric becomes impure. The dry impurity does not pass to the person who touches it, so their clothes do not turn into naajis nor does their body. If a person sits on dry urine, their clothes don't turn into naajis as a result, and they don't have to wash them. If the dry, impure hand comes into contact with something damp, that thing will only be considered impure if traces of the original urine are detected in it.

You said in a recent response that once the impurity dries, it is not considered to be transferred to other places unless you notice its smell or color, etc. on the other thing. If the dry cloth becomes so wet that, when squeezed, the impurity will fall off, then the dry cloth will also become impure. Touching the dry impurity doesn't affect the body or dry clothes, and it doesn't matter if you enter a dry bath with dry feet, since the impurity is only transmitted when it's wet.

Some scholars say that if wet hands touch a dry impurity, it is transferred even if the fingerprints cannot be seen, but the Hanafi school says it is not transferred. If you have urine in your hand and your hand dries out, even if it's still impure, the impurity won't transfer to anything dry that touches your hand. A cloth has impurities, but it dries and is subsequently re-wetted with a little water, etc. Although the dry cloth does not drip with impurities, but is transferred to the dry cloth, it will also become impure, that is, the dry cloth will become impure, that is, the dry cloth will become impure, that is,.

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