Are dryer sheets recyclable?

Dryer sheets are not compostable or recyclable because they are a moisture-resistant coated fiber product. Unfortunately, dryer sheets are not recyclable. However, there are many ways to make them last longer by reusing them for other purposes (I only listed a few of these ways above). It may never have occurred to you to recycle those anti-static softener sheets after you put them in the clothes dryer.

But Shea Shannon from Melbourne, Florida. Unfortunately, you cannot recycle dryer sheets. Its polyester material and chemical coating are not recyclable and would contaminate the recycling process. However, certain brands of eco-friendly dryer sheets produce unbleached sheets of paper that are compostable.

Single-use dryer sheets can be thrown away or creatively reused around the house. This website is intended for U.S. consumers of Unilever United States products and services only. Be the first to hear about exciting offers, product updates and more from Love Home and Planet and other Unilever brands.

For more information, see our Privacy Notice. Although the chemical coating is made to cover clothes when heated in the dryer, some of it will remain on the sheet and it is not safe to recycle. Dryer sheets are a good choice for people who want their clothes to be softer and have less static load after a drying cycle. Wool dryer balls are a reusable way to soften clothes, reduce static adhesion and help clothes dry faster.

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